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How to get the PDF files from Marathi Vishwakosh CDs

How to get the PDF files from Marathi Vishwakosh CDs

In July 2008, Marathi Vishwakosh Madnal (MVM) released the CD of the Marathi vishwakosh for people. You will get extra details/ contact addresses below.

Usually we get 6 CD set when we buy it from the shop. Each cd contains auto-start program which only works in windows. The CDs contain 4-5 vishwakosh khandas each. Each khanda is broken into 3 files.

1. prastavana
2. content (large file 400-600 MB)
3. rangeet chitre

Many of my friend were unable to use the CDs, claiming they can not see any content.
Most of the time the problem was linked to the slow speed of the computer. This is occurring because of the very weird user interface designed by the MVM. Though we hope that they will rectify this in their new edition here is the simple solution to use the Vishwakosh on any computer.
What happens when we start the CD ?
when user clicks one one of this that perticular "PDF" file is extracted from the archive and temporarily stored into the temporary directory and then opened from that location. This temporary directory is usually
"C:\documents and settings\\local settings\temp"

But this process repeats every time we use the CDs and it takes more time if we have computer which is older than 2005 (approximately).

To get the PDF files from this archive.

  1. open each file on some fast computer. (or wait for long time on your slow computer)
  2. after some wait the PDF file will open in the acrobat reader.
  3. let that be open.
  4. go to the folder "C:\documents and settings\\local settings\temp"
  5. select details view.
  6. sort the files view on "date modified" column. (latest files first)
  7. you will see the file of our interest at the top.
  8. copy that file and paste it into some other directory.
  9. close that file from acrobat reader.
  10. repeat this process for all the parts of the each khanda. i.e. 3(parts) * 17(khanda) = 51 times. You will get 51 pdf files.
These PDF files can be used on your own PC for your personal use provided you have bought the CDs. The PDF files will open easily even on slower computers. They can also be referred to through the linux machine with acrobat reader for linux.

Note: only the khanda 17 is in unicode. Rest of the khanda's(pdfs) are merely scanned images. Only they are indexed on article names. That is , one can not copy the text and paste into another document. It has to be read and typed manually.

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At 9:48 PM, March 22, 2009, Blogger ekam said...

Ashishji I am searching the addrees or phone number to get Viashwakosh CD. Can you please guide me. please send me address on

At 12:23 AM, March 24, 2009, Blogger आशिष आल्मेडा (Ashish) said...

ह्या links पाहा.


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